Convert more website leads with webchat. Instantly chat with your website visitors using our mobile app from anywhere.

Add online chat widget to your website

Get More Website Leads

Chat to customers in real time

Easily generate new leads with webchat on your website - get started in just 60 seconds!

Connect quickly and directly to customers, helping you build relationships while giving them the support they need.

Convert website visitors

into leads with Webchat

Cut the small talk and get right down to business - every conversation can start with a name and number, allowing you speed up the process of sealing the deal.


Engage leads instantly

on your site

Whether it's an initial inquiry or just a friendly hello, make your website visitors feel welcomed immediately with live chat!

With immediate answers to their questions and real-time conversations, you'll be sure to foster lasting connections.

Engage with your website visitors
Text your leads even after they leave your website

Keep your leads

engaged even when

they leave your website

Connect with your leads beyond the website - use webchat to send text messages straight to their mobile phones so you can keep up-to-date communication and stay ahead of your competition.


Make the Webchat

widget yours

Make your chat window stand out - tailor the icons, colours, and greeting to give it a personal touch.

Give visitors an extra friendly hello by including names and photos of those with whom they'll be discussing their queries – or even introduce them to your business mascot!

Customise the chat colours

Customer Experience Done Right

A Flexible Solution With

Lots of Advantages

With Lead Samurai's CRM, you can explore a world of customer experience possibilities!

Our cutting-edge platform offers products that are tailored to your business needs—from small startups all the way up. See what this powerful tool has in store for you and start revolutionising today!

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps

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