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6 Proven Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

February 25, 20234 min read

Are you looking for new customers? Of course you are - that's why you're in business! But acquiring new customers can be a challenge.

Luckily, some proven strategies can help. In this blog post, we'll share six of them with you.

With these tips, you'll be well on your way to growing your customer base and taking your business to the next level.

So let's get started!

Make a list of your ideal customers

Making a list of my ideal customers is like making my own wish list! I'm looking for customers who have money in hand, don't take forever to sign up, and hopefully come with an unlimited supply of compliments & gratitude whenever I do something for them.

Anyone who can tick all those boxes (and bring the occasional cookie) is welcomed into the world of my ideal customer!

Research where they hang out online and offline

Determining where someone hangs out online and offline is like finding a needle in a haystack. From fishing in the depths of the internet to searching through crowded city streets, it could take an eternity to pinpoint exactly where they spend their time!

Thankfully, there are tools like social media management services and contact data that can track down these specific hangouts in a much more efficient manner.

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when technology can do all the work for you?

Create content that appeals to them

Creating content that appeals to your audience can be a real challenge - although some might say it's an art form more than anything else! No matter the industry, capturing your audience's attention and keeping them engaged is essential.

If you aim for a lighthearted tone of voice, adding a bit of humour can help draw readers in. Humour can make even the most mundane topics interesting, as long as it's done tastefully.

Before you know it, your audience will be eager to read more of your funny content.

Get involved in the communities where they hang out

Getting involved in the communities where people gather can be an extremely rewarding and hilarious experience.

Whether it's an online chat room or a senior citizens centre, there are bound to be fascinating stories and delightful personalities that you'll find out about! Interacting with people from all walks of life will add colour and joy to your life, not to mention you might even make some new friends.

Who knows? You could learn something new or get a much-needed laugh occasionally. If someone complains about their day, they’ll probably lighten up if you make it your mission to ask them inappropriate questions.

What is there to lose? Take initiative and get involved today; the world awaits!

Offer them something of value

Providing value to your customers is a surefire way to keep them returning. If you offer too little, they might look elsewhere.

But if you offer too much, you risk them getting used to the high-end service and expecting that level of treatment forever.

The trick is finding a happy middle ground between spoiling and keeping them content!

This is something to keep in mind when trying to ensure your customers stay loyal for the long haul.

Follow up with them regularly

When it comes to keeping up with your connections, regular follow-ups are essential. Think of them as check-ins from your past self. So don't be shy — drop a line every now and then! It's like giving yourself a pep talk and an extra task simultaneously!

At least, that's how I try to make myself feel better while putting in the effort.

Who knows — maybe it'll work for you too!


You wouldn't hope to build a profitable business without doing any marketing, would you? Investing the time and energy necessary to find your ideal customer is essential for success.

These tips will help you reach the people you aim to serve. Utilising a bit of effort, wit, and charm goes a long way in targeting the folks who'd be most energised by what you have to offer.

Spend some time getting cleverly creative in attracting them and engaging with potential customers once the lead goes cold.

Remember, even if it's cliche, that old adage still applies - time is money!

Ben Snape

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